Cloud Bias

We have spent the last 3 + decades digitizing everything about our way of life. Our interactions, our likes/dislikes, voicing our opinions and maintaining a manicured online presence (present company included). We have woven the “cloud” world into our non-digital world in ways that make it impossible to go back. Forward is the only direction.

I believe Artificial Intelligence is part of our evolutionary path forward. We have outsmarted other fellow living beings by being able to pass on our culture, tools, and knowledge to our offspring – in so doing, we improve upon previous generations in ways that other creatures have not been able to. This incredible ability to retain information about our world and teach it to others continues to enable our species to standout from others.

I don’t believe in a dystopian AI that becomes aware and quickly realizes we are the cancer of the earth and tries to destroy us. That feels too simple. I believe we have a far more nuanced evil that we need to confront – systemic artificial intelligence bias.

We have already deployed many AIs in systems all around us. Some of them help us save time, some help us make better decisions, some help keep us safe. All of these intelligences are opaque to the end user and to the people who built them. They rely on vast amounts of data – not unlike us – and goals to optimize for.

Because of these attributes, it is imperative that we look at Artificial Intelligence with careful scrutiny and transparency. AI should improve everyone’s lives and not be a reflection of who we are today (biased) but a reflection of who we want to be.