Earned Media Cube – A cube that calls

A Dashboard cube that makes phone calls

A Dashboard cube that makes phone calls

This is my first 3D printed internet of things (thanks to Matthew Epler for printing it!). It reads from BuddyMedia’s conversionBuddy internal api and displays lifetime shares and daily $Rev/share. The cube also makes a phone call when the plug is connected to the socket. It’s awesome to see the meter change as real time data comes in and have your phone ring when you plug in the “power your connections” plug!

The cube is comprised of a 1mA meter, LCD, Arduino, Arduino ethernet shield, plug and socket, blue LED and a breadboard with wires and resistors.

Noel Vega wrote the php and arduino code in less than it took me to write this post. Kuddos to him!

Earned Media Cube – A dashboard cube that calls from William Harris on Vimeo.



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