Media Cabinet Doors

I’ve had to pause and re-prioritize my time to focus on projects that could be done in 1 hour spurts. As such, I decided to venture into the therapeutic world of woodworking. As something practical, I decided to build doors to our super cheap media cabinet. I likely spent twice what we paid for the cabinet, but…it was fun and strangely relaxing.

I had a few slabs of pine of varying heights laying around, which is part of the reason I ended up with this design. Additionally, by adding two different heights I was able to get the overall door height that I needed.

I looked around and found some media cabinet designs that I really liked and went from there:

I decided to stain some of the wood, which introduced a steep learning curve as it quickly exposed poor sanding technique and required careful planning of the mixture being used – I ended having to try to match one door’s tone to the other. I mixed two tones (cherry red and a darker walnut) which created this dark reddish color. I then finished it with tung seed oil.

For the hinges, I decided to use “soft close” hinges which gave the project a more sophisticated feel. They were initially tricky to setup, but after installing the first door, I realized that they came with all these adjustment options 🙂 No wonder they were so expensive!

har_2933 har_2934 har_2937

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