Quick tutorial on programming a jeenode micro

After spending too much time looking for ways to program a jeenode micro, I figured I’d put together a quick tutorial.

1. Wiring between Arduino, Jeenode Micro V3, and serial monitor

Uno 3.3V to Jeenode µ +3V
Uno GND to Jeenode µ GND
Uno PIN10 to Jeenode µ RESET
Uno PIN11 to Jeenode µ MOSI
Uno PIN12 to Jeenode µ MISO
Uno PIN13 to Jeenode µ SCK

Serial monitor RXD to Jeenode µ PA3 / AIO2
Serial monitor GRD to GRD
Serial monitor VCC to 5+V

wiring diagram

2. Arduino IDE

a. open a new sketch
b. select jeenode µ board
c. select “arduino as ISP programmer”
d. select ACM0 port
e. click on burn boot loader

If you need to re-upload ISP to arduino, use “JeeArduinoISP” sketch

BASE SKETCHES being used for testing
– Receiver: w1receiverTemp
– Transmitter: w1senderPowerTempRotaryOpti




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